Best Luggage for Families in 2022

Dear Travelers! We know you all love to travel. When we are on vacation to enjoy ourselves with friends and family, we must carry necessary items like clothes, shoes, makeup, and other necessary items for the subject trip.

Holidays are here, grab the best luggage for families and enjoy the trip!

We don’t know which type of stuff will be required during the trips. So we must carry top things with us. And to store these things, we need high capacity luggage bags.

In 2022,

Everything has become easy and manageable. The luggage styles for families are also getting advanced as they come with different spinning wheels, expandable features, durable, and most importantly, unbreakable. The various designs and qualities of luggage are available in the market.

Having luggage of sufficient space to carry necessities of the families has been very important from the very beginning. Over time, there have been many innovations in luggage concerning the needs of users and manufacturers. 

If you don’t know what luggage for families is best? 

Don’t worry; our team of experts is here to help you out!

Best Luggage for Families at a Glance:

  1. Samsonite Omni Pc Hardside Spinner 28
  2. Showkoo Expandable Hardshell Hardside Lightweight
  3. Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set
  4. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase
  5. American Tourister Luggage Set Disney
  6. Verdi 3 Piece Luggage Set
  7. Ben Sherman Travel Bag
  8. Wrangler El Dorado Luggage with Cup Holder
  9. Quick Shopping Tips for Best Luggage for Families

Few top-of-the-line pieces of luggage will be discussed in the lines ahead to make your understanding clear and make your purchase decision easier for you.

Our Recommendations for Best Luggage for Families in 2022


In this article, we have compiled our top picks for the best luggage for families in 2022. We have selected the best brands based on their popularity, design, price, size, and other factors.

Samsonite Omni Pc Hardside Spinner 28

Best Luggage Sets for Families


Highly Durable

10 Year Manufacturer’s warranty

Multi-Directional Spinning Wheels

Push-Button lock handles to carry

Book opening style of the baggage

Strap holders in the lower slot

Mesh divider with zipper in the upper portion

Side-mounted TSA locks


No easy to carry in hand or on shoulder

Samsonite has made this luggage in a set of three pieces with sizes of 20″, 24″, and 28″. 20″ carry is ideal when you are traveling domestically. Bags for size 24″ and 28″ are ideal when you travel for more days, such as weeks.

These are manufactured from micro-diamond polycarbonate, which is a durable scratch-resistant material. 

Your search for the best luggage sets for families ends here at  Samsonite Omni Pc Hardside Spinner 28. They are designed with Micro-Diamond Polycarbonate material with four multi-directional spinning wheels and push-button locking handles. 


It is made with book opening style and added with mesh divider and cross straps, allowing one to efficiently manage the space and belongings. The set comprises 3 bags with different sizes, i.e., 20″, 24″, and 28″. Different sizes enable you to carry any items with you or your family for every type of tour you want. 

Multi-direction wheels:

The combination of multi-directional spinning wheels and a push-button lock makes it too easy to carry your luggage from one place to another. Samsonite Omni Pc Hardside Spinner 28 can expand when carrying more luggage and contract with fewer items. 

Polycarbonate material:

Micro-Diamond Polycarbonate is a highly durable and scratch-resistant material. The vibrant colours of the set add to the beauty and style of your luggage. TSA locks are installed on the sides to ensure that only authorized personnel access your belongings. 

Showkoo Expandable Hardshell Hardside Lightweight

Best Travel Luggage for Families


Book opening style

Strap holders in the lower portion

Mesh divider with zipper in the upper slot


Side-mounted TSA locks

Highly Durable

360o Spinning Wheels

Three steps adjustable soft handle

Available in many colours


Not easy to carry in hand or on shoulder

High-Quality ABS hard-shell material is used to manufacture Showkoo Expandable Hardshell Hardside Lightweight. Being set of three different sizes makes it the best travel luggage for families because everyone can pack according to their needs. 

It is a book-opening suitcase which is expandable and has zippers. The telescoping handle helps in gripping the bag at any height. 

Showkoo Expandable Hardshell Hardside Lightweight suitcases have 360o Spinning Wheels and a soft three-step adjustable handle. This helps in carrying the luggage from one place to another easily. It is a lightweight suitcase. 

The capacity is wide enough; the 20-inches bag has 33L, 24-inches with 63L, and 28-inches with 93L space. 

Available sizes:

Being made from ABS hard-shell material, these suitcases are highly durable and long-lasting. Three pieces set with 20″, 24″ and 28″ become ideal for all forms of traveling and carrying all the necessary belongings with you being comfortable enough, whether you travel domestically or internationally. 

Internal construction:

This luggage is built with zipping and book opening style divides the suitcase into two equal portions divided portion with cross straps and mesh divider. With the help of cross straps and a mesh divider, you can arrange the items more easily and have more space with this luggage. 

TSA Lock Technology:

TSA lock is installed in this best luggage for families with a three-digit combination code, allowing you to have restricted access to your belongings while traveling. This lock makes them secure by blocking unauthorized access.

Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set

Best Carry on Luggage for Family


Highly Durable

It comes with a Manufacturer’s warranty

Push-Button lock handles to carry

Available in too many colours

Strap holders in the lower slot

Ability to expand with more items in the bag

Wide front pocket


No TSA lock feature

Not waterproof

Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set is a set of 2 pieces combo of upright and tote baggage, manufactured from 100% polyester. This is a perfect combination for occasional and experienced travelers. Padded polyester makes the luggage highly durable and easy to manage. 

It has a spacious front pocket that can serve for multi-purpose storage. 

This 2-piece set of best luggage for families is highly demanded because of its ergonomic design and an expandable feature. Whether big or small, every type of family can accommodate their luggage in it as it has an extra zipper to make more space. And the availability of colours makes it more suitable for all the family members. 

Telescopic handle:

The handle of the luggage bag is telescopic, which means it can adjust to any height. It is easy to take out the handle with a single easy press push button. The other bag has strap carrying handles that are strong enough to handle the weight. 

Enough portions with zippers:

Both these bags have many portions in which family can place their belongings. It will help place small objects rather than mix them with clothes. In other portions, one can place toothbrushes, creams, moisturizers, balms, etc., individually.

Best carry on luggage for a family:

Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set is quite comfortable to carry any place. The soft, lightweight fabric makes it easy to carry and move around. The tote bag has a shoulder strap as well as a handle strap. The tote bag helps in storing cosmetics, laptops, books, etc. 

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase

Best Suitcase for Families


2 Years Warranty

100% Abs quality

Multiple colours option

Easy to maneuver

Height adjustable handle

Waterproof cover

4 Spinning wheels

TSA Lock technology


It might get crack or break if the burden is placed on the outer shell

No extra expandable zipper

Are you ready to leave for a family trip and not find any suitable bag? Look at Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase. It comes in the combination of 3 or 4 suitcases, depending upon your need, which will be feasible for any family member. 

The ultra-lightweight luggage of Coollife is easy to move around the places because of 360-degrees rotating wheels. A complete review of this best suitcase for families is below, and you will be amazed to know why experts have rated it so high:

The three pieces set of this luggage comes in 20-inches, 24-inches, and 28-inches. This upright bag has extra-wide space with a mesh zip pocket on the inside. The telescopic handle has a push button which makes the maneuvering easy. And the handle is strong enough to stabilize and support other objects. 

Waterproof design:

The Coolife bag has an outer waterproof covering, which gives you stress-free traveling. Your clothes, documents, cosmetics, everything is safe on the inside. This feature of any luggage is very important. 

Multi-direction wheels:

The silent rotating wheels are multi-directional. You can grab the luggage and rotate it in any direction. This helps at the airport, and you don’t have to drag the luggage when you are running late to catch the flight. 

Safe to put anywhere:

The three-digit lock located on the top; feature enhances its security, and you don’t have to worry about your luggage being stolen. It won’t open without the security code. You can put the bag aside and grab a coffee for your journey. 

American Tourister Luggage Set Disney

Best Luggage for A Family


10-year warranty of material used

Economical luggage set

Rotating wheels

Attractive outer cover

Cross straps to hold the luggage

Telescopic handle

Strong quality zipper

Unisexual bag; best for both boys and girls


Only suitable for kids of the family

No TSA lock option

Kids of the family will be delighted to carry this luggage on a trip because of its beautiful cover of Mickey Mouse design. It is also available in many other cool designs. The space inside the bag is wide and has a divider to keep the clothes tidy and set. 

The book opening style of the bag makes it easy to put clothes in it. Also, it helps in creating extra space for other stuff. 

If you want your kids to pack for themselves, first, provide them with the luggage to boost their energy. For this, you need the American Tourister Luggage Set Disney. The Disney luggage style is always the best way to lure your kids into packing. 

The retractable pull handle is robust and built with fine quality, which means it is not easily breakable no matter how many times you drag it inside and outside. 

Short trip luggage:

The lightweight design and 28-inches of compartment size are the best luggage for a family who wants to go on a trip domestically. The easy-spinning wheels help in maneuvering in all directions. All the luggage will be easily adjusted in this book open case style bag. 

Interior design:

This economical bag has cross straps and a mesh pocket designed from the inside. It helps adjust the different types of clothes and stuff according to your separation. The zip pocket is wide enough to keep the kid’s stuff separate from adult clothes.

Verdi 3 Piece Luggage Set

Best Luggage for Large Family


USB port

Extra bottom gripping handle

3-digit lock check


Mesh divider to keep things assembled

Eight easy-spinning wheels


Little bit expensive

Fewer colors available in comparison to others

This budget-friendly luggage for families is designed with elite and classic looks. It is easy to handle and carry around. It has eight spinning wheels instead of four, unlike other luggage bags. The design is constructed lightweight, which means you can go to the airport and travel without getting worried about the weight of the luggage. The expandable feature increases the worth of this luggage. 

The 28-inches best luggage for a large family is a spacious bag and all you need for your national or international family trip. And apart from that, it also comes in 20-inches and 24-inches. It means it is a complete trustworthy travel suitcase set for your family. 

There is a strong holding strap at the side of the bag, which helps hold and lift it. The TSA lock is also present at the side. 

USB Port facility:

The unique feature of this luggage set is its USB porthole. Not all luggage bags have this part. You can place the power bank inside the luggage and charge your phone from the outside. 

Bottom grip handle:

A small holder at the bottom helps move the bag inside and outside the vehicle. Not all bags are designed with this holder. It is like a perk to have this holder for carrying or lifting in a downside position.

Material guaranteed:

The ABS material of the Verdi 3 Piece Luggage Set is 100% durable and keeps your belongings safe inside from bad weather conditions. Also, the 2-year warranty boosts the confidence of this brand and makes sure people are fully satisfied with Verdi.

Ben Sherman Travel Bag

Best Luggage for Family Travel


10-year warranty

Bottom gripping handle

Unisexual luggage set

41-inches long telescopic handle

Corner guards

Non-tearing fabric inside

Easy to rotate wheels



No big deep space to put things

From the Nottingham collection, we got the best luggage for family travel for you. The beautiful exterior and specially designed interior are going to win your heart. It is not like the other bags where you can put stuff on one side. 

It has a zipper portion on both sides to place all your stuff. It is manufactured with special ABS material, which is unbreakable. It is a 3-pice luggage set. 

It comes in 20-inches, 24-inches, and 28-inches. Now it depends on your choice and the need of the family. To enjoy the holidays, you can take your mandatory stuff with you to live there in a relaxed environment and wear whatever you desire. You can take your stuff with you in these large family bags. Also, the waterproof design will keep them safe.

Ben Sherman Travel Bag has a flexible top which means you can extend the luggage.

New style interior:

The inner side of this bag is not like the other luggage bags, which are wide and spacious. It has zippers on both sides. You can place your stuff on both sides and secure it by zipping it. The fabric used on the inner side is tear-resistant. Also, it has a separate mesh portion for small stuff. 

Corner guards:

The luggage is blessed with corner guards, which means in any case bag strikes with a wall or any other object; these guards will provide protection. These guards are present on both sides of the bag. It will keep the bag safe from scratches.

Wrangler El Dorado Luggage with Cup Holder

Best Checked Luggage for Families



USB porthole

Support holders on the side

Price friendly

Easy to push button for telescopic handle

Phone holder

Not much heavy


Limited colours available

The elegant colours of the Wrangler El Dorado Luggage with Cup Holder make it look more appealing and encourage the buyers. It is a decent collection of Wrangler El Dorado. It is a combination of two bags: one big luggage bag and the other tote bag. 

The best checked luggage for families comes with a cup holder that helps hold the hot cup of coffee for you while you read a book. The designed colours are for both men and women. 

During the trip, females usually get worried about luggage storage. This family trip bag sorts all this out. You can easily sort out the clothes and stuff without getting worried about the space. You can put extra important stuff in the shoulder bag. 

Tote bag:

The tote bag, along with the big luggage bag, helps put fragile items in it, and you can carry it on your shoulder. It is a lightweight design and has a wide pocket at the front. The fabric of this bag is tear-resistant. It has a big strap that helps secure it with the retractable handle, and you can drag both bags simultaneously without getting into any trouble.

Phone holder:

The luggage has a phone holder along the side of the USB hole, where you can place your phone while charging. The customers appreciate this helpful feature because you cannot find a proper place to put your phone at airports. 


If you are confused about which of these best luggage for families will be useful for you, consider your priorities and then buy one.

If you are looking for a hard shell suitcase– Samsonite, Showkoo, American Tourister, Cool Life are the best option. 

And if you want soft-side luggage, Rockland is a perfect choice. It depends on your need while you travel. 

All of these have great capacities and going to be helpful. These bags are durable as well. You can easily bring gifts for your families and friends apart from your stuff. 

Enjoy your travel!

Quick Shopping Tips for Best Luggage for Families

Before getting the best luggage for families, you need to look over a few shopping tips that will help make the decision:

  • Try to get the luggage with an expandable feature, so things fit easily if capacity increases.
  • Luggage must have wheels, so moving from place to place without lifting it becomes easy. 
  • The luggage quality should be unbreakable, so it may not cause any trouble during the trip.
  • The bag’s weight must be less, so it cannot get heavier when filled with belongings.
  • It must have small pockets where other little things can be stored. 
  • The wheels of the luggage should rotate 360-degrees to make the smooth dragging.
  • The luggage handle should be strong enough to hold the weight and don’t get broken easily.
  • The lock features help security purposes, so it would be great to have a built-in lock system.
  • The luggage capacity must be high, so maximum stuff gets fit in perfectly.
  • Zippers must be strong and not break easily. Also, check the zippers to see if they are smooth enough. Because sometimes zippers get stuck and can cause trouble. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What luggage is most durable?

The polycarbonate Samsonite-Omni PC Hard side Expandable Luggage is the most durable luggage. It has a 10-year warranty means it is going to last long. The expandable feature and mobility of the wheels make it more attractive to buy.

How do you pack a family of 4 in a suitcase?

Roll the clothes into the minimum shape possible, remove the air gaps between the clothes, and squash them down and flatten the clothes on the top, which are not too thick. Squeeze things on the adjustable sides.

Which luggage bag is best?

American Tourister is the best luggage for 2022 because it is easy to press the push button and a hard shell from the outside, which means it will keep the stuff dry and safe. The large and wide space makes it easy to pack many clothes and stuff while traveling.

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