Best Luggage for European Travel in 2022

Europe is a dream destination for every other person. There are many beautiful places in Europe that everyone desires to witness once in life, with their own eyes. And once they get this lifetime opportunity of visiting there, they make sure to make the most of it. Europe trips are thus all about fancy outfits, exclusive hotels, posh dining, seeing all those dreamy spots you have been fantasizing about your whole life, and lastly, that chic luggage for those Instagram-worthy airport clicks. But of what use is that fancy luggage if it cannot hold your essentials without weighing like a rock?

Best Luggage for European Travel at a Glance:

  1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds
  2. Delsey Helium Aero 25
  3. Travelpro Maxlite 5 29 Inch Lightweight Luggage
  4. Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack
  5. Fila 22 Lightweight Carry on Rolling Duffel Bag
  6. Briggs and Riley Baseline Carry On
  7. Travel Select Amsterdam Luggage
  8. Steve Madden Carry on Luggage
  9. Quick Shopping Tips for Best Luggage for European Travel

In this article, we will be giving you an insight on what is the Best Luggage for European Travel in 2022 that will make your trip even more convenient. Of course, you don’t want the baggage that would cause you inconvenience by being too heavy and insecure, and instead, it would spoil your trip. Choosing the right luggage for the right place is of great importance. There is luggage designed for business trips to Europe, but you can’t take them on your 14 days Europe tour. Similarly, if used by adults, the ones intended for children would not go for a long time and would wear out.

Our Recommendations for Best Luggage for European Travel in 2022


Following are all the best options that must be considered while buying a suitcase for Europe trips.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds

Best Size Luggage for European Travel


Multidirectional spinners

Lightweight construction

Self-healing zippers

Flexible top


Uncomfortable handle


This elegant, stylish luggage set provides nearly any bag (or combination of bags) for a vacation at an excellent price-performance ratio – and impresses in terms of quality and durability. Each bag is designed for organization, with double-sided packaging, zippered storage compartments, and clothes zippers to keep your items from shaking.

The suitcases have four-wheel spinners that allow for easy movement in all directions, and the longer sides of the briefcase have feet so you can stand upright on the side as well. There are three sizes of luggage available: 20-inch hand luggage, 24-inch checked luggage, and 28-inch hand luggage. This factor is why we chose Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds luggage as the Best Size Luggage for European Travel.


The luggage is available in two- and three-piece sets in various colors. The three-piece set costs around $200 and is unquestionably one of the best deals available online. Another feature you’ll appreciate is how small it is to meet carry-on baggage restrictions. Having your luggage close by on your long trip to Europe provides you with the extra security you didn’t realize you needed. Overall, we believe it is the best luggage available in Europe.

If you want your suitcase to stand out in the carousel of your European destination, get one of these Kenneth Cole suitcases. Available in a range of super delicious and bright colors, there is no doubt which suitcase is yours.

Delsey Helium Aero 25

Best Luggage for Europe Travel


Highly durable

Ergonomically designed

Comfortably designed handles

10-year warranty


A bit expensive


Delsey is a well-known French luggage company that was founded in 1946. They have a large selection of high-quality products. Delsey’s style is simple, straightforward, and instantly recognizable as European. This company is well-known for its creative design choices. Delsey cases are built to last, and the Helium Aero is no exception. This hard case has a futuristic appearance. It has a secure locking mechanism and strong zippers. It, like all Delsey products, is long-lasting and straightforward to use.

They all have a shiny metallic finish, which gives the case a very stylish and modern appearance. Delsey Helium Aero 25 is divided into two fully lined compartments when opened. This factor isn’t always the case with such a low-budget case, so it’s encouraging to see Delsey do it.


Durability counts as a factor that most people pay for, and this is the only reason for us choosing this product as our second priority falling in the list of Best Luggage for Europe Travel. Consider Delsey’s Helium Aero if you need a long-term luggage solution. It has a limited 10-year warranty and is highly damage-resistant. During use, this protection will not tear or lose its shape. You won’t have to worry about visible scratches on the surface if you choose a metallic color like titanium. If you travel frequently, this suitcase is an excellent choice. However, if you do not travel frequently, you may find it prohibitively expensive.


The dimensions of this case are 25 x 17.5 x 11.5 inches. The inside has zippers and pockets so you can store everything in its place. If you need extra luggage space, you can add 2 inches longer. The Delsey Helium Aero weighs about 10.2 lbs. It’s not the lightest hard-shell luggage on the market, but the ergonomic handles make it easy to lift. You probably know how boring it can be to handle suitcases that come with thin zippers. In any case, this luggage is simple to open.

Travelpro Maxlite 5 29 Inch Lightweight Luggage

Best Carry on Luggage for Travel to Europe


Made of polyester

Sturdy and durable

Lightweight body: 8.5 pounds

360-degree spinner wheels

Spacious and expandable


A bit overpriced


The bags are typical softshell suitcases, with the main compartment, two outer pockets, an inner room with a straight flap, and a side accessory pocket. This suitcase held all of my belongings and clothes and shoes for my two toddler sons for a 10-day trip. The Travelpro Maxlite 5 29 Inch Lightweight Luggage can be extended by two inches if you require more capacity. We didn’t need to use this feature, but it’s good to have. According to the survey, this luggage mentioned above falls in the list of the Best Carry on Luggage for Travel to Europe.


In this case, there is a large main compartment with enough space for all of your bulky European belongings. To keep your equipment safe, there is a large, zippered pocket on top with compression straps. The case has two external zippered compartments and a 2-inch expandable compartment on the outside. With its 4-wheel spinners that you can rotate 360 degrees and the aluminum handle that you can lock in two different positions to accommodate people of various sizes, getting around the airport is a piece of cake with this suitcase. Maxlite 5 also has a water and dirt-repellent coating.

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This case also has three handles: one at the bottom, one at the top, and one on each side. The telescopic handle has an ergonomically shaped rubber handle, which aids in case maneuvering and hugs my hands. Furthermore, the handle has two locking points: one at 38 “from the ground and one at 42.5 “from the ground.” This factor means that even the most arduous travelers should adjust it to their body size and comfortably roll the suitcase.

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack

Best Backpack for Europe Travel


Various size choices

Highly durable and sturdy

Pocket friendly

In the expansion area, there is a hidden compartment.


Difficult to clean


Olympia Apache Spinner has spinner wheels and a capacity that you can expand. Here’s a little-known fact: there’s a hidden compartment in the luggage. It is the ideal size for storing your tablet. Furthermore, Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack is by far one of the best brands for hand luggage in the industry, and the 46-liter Porter is a popular choice for anyone looking for a backpack to take on their next trip.

Because this backpack can fit a lot, don’t repack it just to make sure it meets the airline’s hand luggage requirements. When the straitjacket’s compression strap is used, and the package is incomplete, one of the most extensive packages is accepted as hand luggage. Due to its great capacity, we considered it as the Best Backpack for Europe Travel.


This bag does not have a lot of compartments, but it has enough space for a few weeks or a few months of travel. The main room is spacious and can accommodate a couple of large storage cubes. Reinforced cord loops allow for the attachment of a day bag, and the most recent Porter bags include a padded laptop compartment on the back.


The Porter is an impressively durable travel backpack that we would always wear with the quilted straight jacket and send as a checked bag if we had packed too much for it to be considered hand luggage. Conveyor belts, rough surfaces, and even minor attacks from sharper objects can all be tolerated by 420 denier nylon. This bag’s design is sturdy, with tight seams and oversized, smooth zippers. We also like how the zippers are placed – even though we overfilled the bag, we didn’t see much cargo.

Fila 22 Lightweight Carry on Rolling Duffel Bag

Best Duffel Bag for European Travel


You can easily clean it

Made with pure 100% polyester

Convenient zipper pockets

Two ergonomically designed grip paddles

Smooth and effortless gliding wheels


Disappointed capacity


Thanks to three different handles and three different holding options, the travel bag is also child’s play. Buyers can carry the bag as a genuine travel bag with two straps on the front or a smaller, non-extendable upper handle in addition to the padded, retractable handle. And because the bag is so light, you can travel comfortably regardless of how you carry it. Do not underestimate the capacity of this big takeaway suitcase, which can hold more than you think. Spend less on a checked bag and more on something nice for yourself. Ideal for vacations and travel in general.


This great luggage is made with the most durable material known as dobby nylon fabric which is prone to mishap. You can be tension free from the context of protection if you grab this option. Moreover, the manufacturer tried to add extra protection around the wheels that helped last the luggage longer. Due to this factor or feature, we consider this option the Best Duffel Bag for European Travel. This feature is the reason why this luggage helps protect against wear and tear as well as color fading issues too.


Fila 22 Lightweight Carry on Rolling Duffel Bag has a pleasing appearance and a lovely color that catches the eye. Because the company is known for producing sportswear and outdoor equipment, their luggage collection is also very fashionable and well-made. The luggage is available in two colors: black-grey and black-red, and it is very stylish. The bag measures 22″ x 12″ x 14″ and weighs about 4.7 pounds. It has four side pockets and a bungee cord in the center. The bag has paddle handles on the top and sides, allowing you to carry it with your hands or on your shoulders.

Briggs and Riley Baseline Carry On

Best Carry on Luggage for European Travel


Balanced and light wheeled

Simple functionality

Highly durable

Secure and sturdy handles


People complain about the capacity


Even though Briggs & Riley only has two wheels rather than four, it moves very smoothly. Although the low ground clearance and smooth wheels give the impression that it can only handle the polished floors, it is well-balanced and can handle bumps, curbs, and gravel. Moving this suitcase is almost effortless and quiet. Domestic’s telescopic handle is the best of the bunch, with four draw heights, a soft, rubberized underside, and a recessed, easily adjustable knob. The Briggs and Riley Baseline Carry On luggage meets all the requirements to achieve the best carry on luggage for European travel.


The inside of the bag is similarly understated. The lid has a large compartment and a smaller compartment, just big enough to keep your underwear and pants separate from the rest of your belongings. The main compartment is perfectly shaped like a box. The telescopic handle, which would typically take up a lot of room, is not included but is attached to the outside. This factor makes it much easier to pack domestic with everything you want.


This case also includes an extra bag of cream, which is kept in another front pocket. It’s a simple strap that only connects a hanging pocket to the front of the rollaboard. It is straightforward and highly functional. The front bracket keeps your suitcase light and balanced as you roll it up. However, the weight of your extra bag makes it difficult to stand upright without falling forward.

Travel Select Amsterdam Luggage

Best Luggage for European Train Travel


It comes with zippered mesh pockets

Top and side handles

Elegant interior

Equipped with high protection


Poor quality handles


The Travel Select Amsterdam Luggage set was designed for the well-prepared traveler. It’s definitely for those who like to have control over their luggage while traveling, and it complements their already organized style with four packing cubes that allow you to pack more in your suitcase. Packing cubes have grown in popularity in recent years because they will enable you to pack more items in your bag while keeping them all together. The case is made of a high-quality, two-tone 1200D polyester fabric that is luxurious and long-lasting.


With the Travelers Choice Luggage Set’s carrying case, you can bring some of your travel items on board and always have them with you. It has a large main compartment with a zippered central opening. Even though it has a zipper in the middle, the case does not open completely, making packing difficult. It has an outer pocket that allows you easy access to all of the items you keep in it. The three upright suitcases are expandable, allowing you to bring extra items without worrying about not being able to get your souvenirs home with you when you return from your trip.


The small cloth bag weighs 1.8 kg, appropriate for its size. The handbag weighs 7.75 lbs., which is slightly heavier than you might expect from a soft suitcase, especially since the extras are missing. You cannot bring all these extra items on board, especially if your airline only allows hand luggage. The medium suitcase weighs 8.95 pounds, while the large bag weighs ten pounds. We’ve considered this product the best luggage for European train travel because of its weight.

Steve Madden Carry on Luggage

Best Luggage for 2 Weeks in Europe


Low maintenance

Sturdy and smooth design

Lightweight construction

Huge capacity


A bit pricy


The Steve Madden Carry On Luggage 4-Piece Spinner Suitcase Collection is designed to be lightweight and fashionable while still providing all the functions you could want from a modern suitcase. There will be a bag that can be used as personal luggage on your flight. This kit also includes hand luggage that you can extensively test to fit in the trash cans of most major airlines.

The two larger suitcases that fit the cargo area combine to form a versatile and fashionable luggage set. They are designed to be lightweight to avoid air travel, and the fabric is made of durable, lightweight nylon.


The bag is large enough to hold your personal belongings as well as everything you’ll need onboard. Inside, there isn’t much organization; it’s just a large compartment. If you have a lot with you here, it can quickly become disorganized, making it difficult to find your passport and boarding pass. The three upright suitcases all have two outer pockets, allowing you to store all of your travel accessories or other items without having to open the suitcase’s main compartment.

When you open the trunk, you’ll notice that the interior has been lined in Steve Madden’s signature style. Analyzing the size and storage, what’s even more right than saying it is the best luggage for 2 weeks in Europe.


The four spinning wheels on the bottom of each bag, combined with the lockable telescopic handle, make traveling with your luggage a breeze. You will be able to glide through the airport’s hard surfaces with little effort. If you encounter a carpet or an uneven surface, you must be prepared to expend a significant amount of energy to accelerate these suitcases. The bags are made of nylon, which ensures maximum durability while also keeping the weight of the bags low. The nylon used here is far more abrasion resistant than the PVC used in the Croce PVC Luggage by Kathy Van Zeeland.


As we’ve entirely focused on the best luggage for European travel in 2022, we hope you came to a point where you can grab one option for yourself. Make sure you’ve gone through all of the features that we associate with every product so that it becomes easier for you to make a decision. All the options mentioned in this guide are worth considering as we’ve put them on the list after extensive research and customer reviews.

Quick Shopping Tips for Best Luggage for European Travel

If you are looking for the best option to grab a decent product to travel conveniently, you’ve landed at the right spot. We will be showing you the three most important factors that must be consid3ered while buying the best luggage for European travel.

Mobility of The Luggage:

Do you want to know how to choose the best luggage? Begin by determining the number of wheels. Make this decision based on more than just how the luggage rolls in the store; consider the environment you will be traveling to. There will not be a slippery airport floor wherever you go for most people. You will quickly get to know the wheels of the luggage you require as you’ll see various options in the market available today.

These four-wheelers can easily navigate airports and train stations. Pushing the suitcase is much easier on your body, especially if your bag is heavy! If you’re concerned about extra weight, remember that a four-wheeled suitcase weighs slightly more than a two-wheeled suitcase. Two-wheeled suitcases are not as easy to maneuver as four-wheeled suitcases in airports, but they are much easier to navigate on cobblestone streets. If you plan to travel extensively in Europe, you may want to stick to traditional two-wheelers.

Weight of The Luggage:

The airline’s weight limit for checked baggage varies (see below). Before you leave, make sure your suitcase isn’t too heavy because the extra baggage fees are exorbitant. Frequent flyers can help decide where to invest in luggage scales. Keep in mind that the lighter your suitcase, the more vacation clothes you can pack. When empty, the best full-size bags we tested weigh only 2.3 kg, while more enormous alternatives weigh 6.2 kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of luggage should I take to Europe?

The selection of luggage is entirely based on how long you are going. Suppose you are going for a trip to Europe for two weeks, you will need luggage of 25 inches. Moreover, look for a roller bag as large and sturdy as possible while remaining small and light enough to lift and fit into an airplane boot.

What kind of luggage is best for international travel?

Again, the size of your luggage matters a lot, no matter wherever you travel. Weight is usually used to determine international luggage size standards. The standard weight limit is 50 pounds. The maximum allowable size for international luggage is 62 linear (total) inches. The classic checked bag size is approximately 27 x 21 x 14 inches.

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