LuggageIn is a website that has been established with the sole purpose of providing customers with the best quality luggage and travel bag reviews. Everyone loves traveling and seeing new places, and shopping is essential for such trips. But to carry your products back to your place safely requires reliable bags that can carry a considerable amount of weight. Stephen DeCarlo created this website because he felt that most online luggage and bags had fake and paid reviews, and people were being scammed into buying those non-reliable products. Apart from providing quality products, this website also provides its visitors genuine reviews, so people invest their money in products worth it.

At LuggageIn, our team does benchmark tests and makes the products go through test and trial conditions, and once the bags pass these tests, our team leaves genuine and honest reviews, so the customers do not get misled. This is specifically for the convenience of people, so they know a reliable place with good content.

About Stephen D:

I am Stephen DeCarlo, and I have always been interested in traveling and its entire process. How people move from one place to another, especially their luggage and transport, has always fascinated me. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, and started working for a reputable firm to pursue my dreams professionally. To further facilitate the public, I have recently launched my website LuggageIn, where the customers are provided with unbiased reviews of the wide variety of traveling and luggage bags.

About Nick Jonas:

Nick is a former travel journalist who has contributed articles to various media outlets and magazines. His work has included features for the BBC, The Telegraph, Travelodge, Lonely Planet, Flight Centre and many more. In 2021, he joined the editorial team at LuggageIn to produce content for LuggageIn. He currently writes about travel and lifestyle.

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