Best Secure Luggage to Buy in 2022

The world of Luggage has come a long way. There are still traditional suitcases, duffel bags, and backpacks. But for the modern traveler, there’s no better option than a sleek suitcase. Whether you’re looking for a hardshell carry-on, a wheeled bag, or something else, these luggage picks are the best in the business.

Before you buy the best secure Luggage, you must consider the different types available in the market today, including a hardshell carry-on, wheeled suitcase, rolling Luggage, and more. We picked out the best wheeled Luggage for sale in 2022 because wheeled Luggage is the most convenient, versatile, and comfortable choice. You’ll find that the best wheeled Luggage can expand and collapse, and it’s easy to carry, roll, and store.

The best-wheeled Luggage comes in various styles, colors, materials, and sizes. To help you find the best secure Luggage, we’ve included reviews of the best-wheeled suitcases for sale on Amazon. We’ve selected the best carry-on Luggage for the modern traveler. And if you’re looking for the best carry-on Luggage that won’t break the bank, we’ve listed the best backpack luggage for travel.

Best Secure Luggage at a Glance:

  1. SHOWKOO Luggage Sets Expandable Suitcase
  2. Samsonite Centric Hardside Expandable Luggage
  3. Samsonite S’Cure Hardside Luggage
  4. DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage
  5. LEVEL8 Grace Carry On Luggage
  6. Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Suitcase
  7. Hanke Suitcase Spinner Wheels Luggage
  8. Shopping Tips for Choosing the Best Secure Luggage

Our Recommendation for Best Secure Luggage in 2022

Best Secure Luggage

We have compiled a list of the most secure Luggage in the world that you can buy now. This is not only because they are expensive but also because they offer top-notch security features.

SHOWKOO Luggage Sets Expandable Suitcase

Most Secure Luggage


100% polycarbonate material

Made from scratch-resistant materials


Designed to be TSA compliant

High-quality spinner wheels


It’s pricey

Not many colors to choose from

Showkoo Luggage is one of the best Luggage I have ever owned. The quality of this Luggage is outstanding. The durability is unmatched. There are many different types of Luggage that you can find online. However, regarding the quality of the product and the overall customer experience, the Showkoo Luggage is far ahead of any other product. The Showkoo Luggage has a large capacity to carry all your stuff.

This Luggage is made with 100% polycarbonate material, which means it’s sturdy. It also makes this product easy to travel with since the weight is very light. The fact that it’s lightweight also makes it great to carry around. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the importance of this Luggage.

The wheels of the Showkoo Luggage are designed to make it roll smoothly on any surface. The spinner wheel is a solid and durable material designed to resist scratches and keep the product moving even when it’s packed with a lot of stuff. The spinner wheel also provides the wheels with a nice look. The spinner wheels also give the Showkoo Luggage a very sleek look.

Another key feature of the Showkoo Luggage is its TSA lock. TSA locks prevent people from stealing your items without your permission. The Showkoo Luggage also has a TSA lock that will keep your belongings safe.

Last but not least, the Showkoo Luggage is designed to be water-resistant. This is an excellent feature of this product. This is a must-have feature if you are going on a long trip. The rain shouldn’t come inside your bag and damage your stuff when it rains. The Showkoo Luggage is designed to keep your property safe from water.

If you are looking for a great product, Showkoo Luggage is the one for you. It’s the most secure Luggage I have ever owned. I strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high-quality, robust product.

Final Verdict

In summary, the Showkoo Luggage is a great product that will last many years. The quality of this Luggage is unmatched. It comes with a large capacity and makes it easy to carry around. The wheels make it roll smoothly on any surface. You won’t regret purchasing this product, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Samsonite Centric Hardside Expandable Luggage

Best Secure Travel Bags







It’s heavy

It doesn’t come with a dust cover

No wheels

Samsonite Centric has been a trusted luggage manufacturer for many years. They have been developing the best travel suitcases, making people love them worldwide. Samsonite Centric is a reliable brand with its distinct design and craftsmanship. The Centric series has proven to be an excellent choice for domestic and international travelers. This Samsonite Centric luggage set will take you to any place you want to go.

This complete luggage set comes with a hardshell case, a daypack, and a carry-on case. It is a well-made set that meets all your travel needs. It’s very compact and fits in the overhead compartment. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap, making it easier to transport. It is a highly versatile set that will make traveling easier.

Designwise, the Samsonite Centric hardshell suitcase is made from PC+ABS material, which makes it more robust and heavier than typical plastic. It has a reinforced structure so that it won’t break as easily. It also comes with a soft-touch finish that feels nice to the touch. It has a simple design that will not attract too much attention. It also has a wheel that makes it easy to move and an adjustable handle that makes it easy to carry.

The Samsonite Centric Daypack is perfect for a variety of uses. It is a small backpack that is convenient to carry around with you. It has a built-in compression strap to hold things securely. It also has a waterproof pocket to keep your valuables safe and dry. It has a built-in bottle opener to help you open your drinks. It is a valuable backpack you can take on a hike or even on a shopping day.

The Samsonite Centric Carry-On is one of the most convenient types of Luggage you can take on a trip. It is very lightweight and easy to carry. It comes with a padded shoulder strap to make it easier to maintain. It also has an outside compression strap to help secure your belongings. It has a sleek design that doesn’t look like a carry-on bag. It’s easy to fold up and store when it is not being used.

Overall, the Samsonite Centric luggage set is one of the best. It is made from sturdy materials, is easy to use, and is comfortable to carry. It is an excellent choice for travelers who want to stay organized and look good.

Final Verdict

This Samsonite Centric hard-side luggage set is a complete luggage set that will make you look like a professional while traveling. It is an excellent set that meets all of the needs of travelers. This luggage set comes in different colors, sizes, and designs, so you can find one that suits you perfectly.

Samsonite S’Cure Hardside Luggage

Most Secure Luggage Brands


Features TSA-approved locks

Spacious interior

Good grip handles


It is heavier than a typical carry-on suitcase

Samsonite S’Cure is a high-end suitcase that provides ultimate protection to your belongings. It comes with a combination of various security measures to safeguard your Luggage. It is also quite spacious, with a roomy interior space of 17.5 x 17.5 x 14 inches. This will be enough to accommodate most of your valuables. It has a total of two internal compartments for storing items that are smaller than 12-inches. For more oversized items like laptops, iPods, smartphones, and tablets, you can place them in the compartment inside the case. The S’Cure case also has a mesh pocket to protect your laptop from dust and moisture.

The handles are sturdy and offer a good grip. They are made of aluminum and textured molds. This makes it easy to carry the suitcase on your shoulder. However, the downside is that the wheels are not retractable. This means you cannot roll the bag with the wheels while on the go. The best way to carry this Luggage is to use the handle. The three-point locking system and TSA-approved locks on the central lock will keep your stuff safe.

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Despite the TSA approval, Samsonite S’Cure is not fully compliant with the TSA guidelines. This is because the suitcase’s locking mechanism does not feature a secondary lock that could prevent a thief from opening the briefcase. If you want a fully TSA-compliant bag, you should opt for a Samsonite S’Trav. It is the same as S’Cure but also features a secondary lock to ensure your belongings are safe.

Final Verdict

Samsonite S’Cure is great Luggage that offers protection to your belongings. The spacious interior makes it a good choice for carrying large laptops, iPods, smartphones, and other large items. The three-point locking system and TSA-approved locks on the central lock will help keep your stuff safe. However, this is not the only downside: the suitcase is not entirely TSA compliant. Therefore, you should check the luggage tag to see whether it is approved.

DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage

Best Secure Luggage for Travel


Greatly durable

Very well constructed

The laptop compartment is easy to access

Three TSA-approved locks


Not water resistant

No air vents

Delsey Paris Chatelet is a suitcase for travelers who need to secure their things. It has a triple TSA lock and an internal locking system three times stronger than a standard zipper. It’s easy to open and close with one hand. It even has a retractable handle for easy lifting.

I found the Delsey Paris Chatelet to be very easy to handle. It’s lightweight and very sturdy. It features an ergonomic handle with an over-the-shoulder strap and multiple carry-on-sized compartments. The main compartment is roomy enough for a laptop or a large backpack but does not offer much storage space for more oversized items.

The outside of the case is made of polycarbonate and polyurethane. The inside is lined with foam to add protection and padding. The padding helps to protect the Luggage and keeps things in place. It’s very well padded and offers excellent protection. The inside is also very nicely done and looks as good as it functions.

The TSA-approved lock is solid and durable. It has a 3-dial combination lock and an anti-prying latch. It can be opened with a 4-digit PIN code.

Delsey Paris Chatelet is also straightforward to lock and unlock. The lock and the combination dials are well-positioned on the exterior. The lock mechanism uses a tumbler and a spring to prevent prying.

The interior is divided into two main compartments. The left compartment is for smaller items like a wallet or passport. The fitting room is for a laptop. It has a retractable handle on the top of the suitcase for easy maneuverability. It also has an additional pocket to hold the computer.

One thing I did not like about the interior is that it’s not very durable. It seems like it is meant to be used for short trips and not for traveling for an extended period.

Final Verdict

Delsey Paris Chatelet is an excellent choice if you need a good travel case to keep your belongings safe. It has a triple TSA lock, an internal locking system, and an exterior lock with a 4-digit PIN code. It’s easy to use and is very secure.

LEVEL8 Grace Carry On Luggage

Best Secure Luggage Straps


Aircraft certified


Ergonomically designed


Packing capacity of 15.6 inches


The bottom of the Luggage is challenging to clean

The wheels don’t roll smoothly

The GORUCK GR8 Carry-On Luggage is a highly portable, lightweight luggage solution. The GORUCK Carry-On Luggage is perfect for the frequently moving individual who wants to pack a little bit more in their carry-on. The GORUCK Carry On Luggage is super solid and durable. The bags are constructed from a lightweight yet durable material.

The main compartment of the GORUCK Carry-On Luggage can hold a 15.6-inch laptop. The laptop compartment of the GORUCK Carry On Luggage is padded for extra protection. The GORUCK Carry On Luggage is equipped with a TSA combination lock. The combination lock is a must for individuals that are traveling internationally. The lock allows for security while traveling. The combination for the lock is three numbers long and is easily accessible. The safety also has a digital display that is easy to see and read. The digital display allows travelers to know the status of the lock.

Another nice feature of the GORUCK Carry-On Luggage is the double spinner wheels. The dual spinner wheels make it easy to move the bag. The dual spinner wheels are easy to use and offer a smooth ride. The handles of the GORUCK Carry-On Luggage are ergonomic and will not cause any back problems for the individual utilizing the Luggage.

The GORUCK Carry-On Luggage is easy to use. The GORUCK Carry On Luggage is equipped with multiple pockets and compartments. The GORUCK Carry-On Luggage has dividers, a front zipper pocket, a back pocket, a zippered mesh pouch, a side pocket, a front pocket, a key holder, and a divider pocket. The dividers allow for a more organized packing process. The walls can be moved to fit the contents of the suitcase.

There is also a compartment on the bottom of the GORUCK Carry On Luggage for storing shoes, keys, chargers, and other small items. A room outside the GORUCK Carry On Luggage can also be used for a small water bottle. The GORUCK Carry-On Luggage has a removable, washable, dryable, dual-zip top closure. The top of the GORUCK Carry-On Luggage features a soft, cozy, machine-washable lining. The GORUCK Carry On Luggage is also equipped with a TSA combination lock.

Final Verdict

When traveling, the GORUCK Carry-On Luggage will be a great choice. This Luggage is highly durable and is designed to withstand rough travel conditions. Its large carrying capacity can be used for any type of travel. The GORUCK Carry-On Luggage is an excellent choice for a traveler.

Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Suitcase

Best Secure Luggage Tags


Secure luggage tag


It easily fits inside the Luggage

Can attach to Luggage

Secure lock

Easy to use the keypad



The handle isn’t designed well

It May get scratched easily

Coolife Luggage is a fantastic option if you search for high-quality yet affordable Luggage. This is top-notch Luggage for those looking to make their travel experience more convenient, fun, and memorable.

Coolife Luggage is equipped with a secure luggage tag, preventing your suitcase from getting lost. It is incredibly lightweight and durable. You can put it inside your Luggage as well. It can also be used to attach to your Luggage. The keypad is easy to use, and the keypads are big and clear enough for you to type out a quick message.

It has a zipper and a lock for the top compartment of the suitcase. A sliding zipper secures the bottom chamber.

The main compartment has a mesh pocket and two mesh pockets for keys and valuables. There are two mesh pockets for the side compartments.

There is a mesh pocket inside the front compartment for storing your things. The backside of the suitcase has a mesh pocket for storing stuff inside.

The carrying bag is made from high-quality materials to withstand wear and tear.

There is a slot inside the back side of the bag for your items.

If you are looking for high-quality yet affordable Luggage, Coolife Luggage is a terrific choice. It is a good buy, especially for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on Luggage.

Final Verdict

Coolife Luggage is one of the best traveling luggage, offering you a safe, easy, and convenient traveling experience. With its secure luggage tag, you will never have to worry about losing your Luggage or being ripped off. Its mesh pocket is vast and spacious, so you can easily find what you need there. Its keypad is very easy to use, and the keypads are big and clear enough for you to type out a quick message.

Hanke Suitcase Spinner Wheels Luggage

Best Secure Bags for Travel


Very durable

Sturdy construction

Adjustable handle

It can be used as a laptop bag

Carry On Luggage can be folded up easily


It does not have a carrying strap

No mesh storage pockets

The carrying handle is small

Carry on Luggage is a company that was founded in 2012. It is one of the leading manufacturers of travel luggage and business luggage. It is also a popular online store for carrying products of this brand. I had a chance to review Carry On Luggage, a product designed to meet the needs of people looking to travel or do business with their Luggage.

The first thing I liked about the Carry On Luggage is its sturdy design and sleek look. The Hardcase material is very durable. It feels cumbersome as well. The wheels on the Carry On Luggage are also designed to be very durable. The wheels are very sturdy, but they are also very smooth when turning.

The Carry On Luggage has an aluminum telescoping handle that is adjustable to fit most people’s hand sizes. The telescoping handle is sturdy and can hold the Carry On Luggage without feeling weak or shaky. The telescoping handle can also be locked into place by pressing a button on the end of the telescoping handle.

When the Carry On Luggage is locked, it can be carried easily and will not feel as heavy as it does when unlocked. It is also straightforward and can be folded up in seconds.

The Carry On Luggage has a pocket outside the Hardcase for a passport or a boarding pass. I also liked that it has an internal laptop compartment that can be accessed by opening the lid. The room has a padded sleeve to keep your laptop safe. There is also a mesh compartment in the Carry On Luggage so you can easily access your belongings.

The Carry On Luggage is also very easy to put together. The Carry On Luggage has a straightforward setup process that is easy to follow. If you do not want to use the telescoping handle, you can set the Carry On Luggage up with the regular wheels. I thought the Carry On Luggage was very simple to set up. It is also straightforward to fold up once you are finished.

Overall, I thought the Carry On Luggage was an excellent product. I would recommend it to others who travel a lot. I also liked the fact that it was affordable and it is not too bulky. It is straightforward to pack, and it is clear to travel with.

Final Verdict

I thought the Carry On Luggage was an excellent product. I would recommend it to others who travel a lot. I also liked the fact that it was affordable and it is not too bulky. It is straightforward to pack and very easy to travel with.

Andiamo Classico Suitcase with Built-in TSA Lock

Most Secure Carry-On Luggage


Easy to fold

Folds down

It can be used as a backpack

Built to last



A carry-on bag is large

It folds with a lot of effort

No padding at the top

The Andiamo Classico Suitcase is the most secured carry-on Luggage we have come across. It is very lightweight and easy to fold. It has a sleek design and is easy to open. It is TSA-approved and comes with TSA locks for added protection. It is also built to last and has a sturdy and robust frame. The suitcases are a sturdy and durable material that doesn’t get scratched or damaged easily. The material of this Luggage also has a scratch-proof coating. This allows it to be more durable and protected from scratches. The Andiamo Classico Suitcase’s material is durable, won’t rust, and can handle wear and tear well.

The handles are comfortable and can be adjusted to suit your needs. The handle also folds down to make the case easier to store. The wheels are also foldable; you can use them to move the case around. The case size is not very large and is only suitable for small carry-on suitcases. The carry-on bag can also be used as a backpack and bring it in the car. It can be a little difficult to fold the carry-on bag, and the case is a little heavy, but it is still easy to carry.

The Andiamo Classico Suitcase is a good value for money product. The price of the carry-on bag is a little high, but if you want the most secure carry-on suitcase, this is the one for you. The Andiamo Classico Suitcase is a good option if you wish for a carry-on bag with good features and value for money.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a reliable carry-on suitcase with good security features and quality, the Andiamo Classico Suitcase is the right one. It is made of sturdy material and will last a long time. It is also very convenient to use and has some good features. This carry-on suitcase is ideal for anyone who wants a secure and convenient Luggage.


After looking at many suitcases and comparing features, prices, and weight capacities, we think Coolife Luggage & Andiamo Classico Suitcase has a lot of advantages over other bags.

I like the design, durability, and the way it protects my laptop from damage. We have tested and compared this suitcase against many other bags and have recommended it to others as the best secure Luggage. The Coolife Luggage & Andiamo Classico Suitcase is the best suitcases for laptops for carrying heavy items and protecting your computer from getting damaged due to its heavy-duty material.

Shopping Tips for Choosing the Best Secure Luggage

This post will give you some tips for choosing the best secure Luggage for your trip so that you can make sure that you are not paying too much for the security of your items.

Side Mounted TSA Lock

It has been an issue where travelers often lose their Luggage while in transit or at the airport. Even if you are carrying your bags or traveling light, sometimes it happens that someone takes away your bag. To avoid such incidents, you must have a good TSA lock. These locks come in various forms, including cars and laptops, but they all come with a few basic features.

The first and foremost thing to consider is the lock’s strength and security features. The stronger the wave, the higher the chances of your Luggage being secured. Locks with advanced technology offer an improved level of security. Also, consider the size of the TSA lock. Smaller waves are more easily carried, but they might not be able to withstand high pressures and thus may not secure the bag properly. Therefore, always opt for large TSA locks that can withstand high pressure and offer a reliable performance.

Adjustable & Sturdy

Many other factors should be considered when buying a luggage rack. Some features like adjustable handles, padded handles, comfortable handles, and many others should always be looked at. The most important aspect of buying a luggage rack is its safety factor. All these features must be incorporated to be easily accessible and stable.

The best thing about a luggage rack is that it can be easily adjusted to the size of the Luggage. Many of these racks come with a telescopic handle. You should buy one that has an adjustable handle, which helps in reducing the risk of any damage during adjustment. When looking for a suitable luggage rack, the material it is made up of must be durable and should not be a source of harm to people or pets. For example, the handles should be soft yet robust plastic that should not break easily.

Spinner Wheels

You have now found the best secure Luggage with enough space to carry your important stuff. But the wheels might have been broken in the journey. This could make the Luggage unstable and even lose its balance. You must fix the broken spinner wheels by replacing them with new ones.

There are two main types of spinner wheels: ball-bearing and friction wheels. These spinner wheels are steel and coated with particular surface layers to minimize friction and increase the grip. A friction wheel is perfect for those looking for maximum security without spending much. However, it may be expensive and unsuitable for all purposes.

The ball-bearing spinner wheel is ideal for rough roads as it ensures stable footing on all terrain. However, it is costly and requires proper maintenance to function correctly. In addition, it is heavier than the friction wheel. This makes it hard to carry and move your Luggage.


When choosing the best secure Luggage, you need to consider its expansion capacity and how easy it is to assemble. After all, you need to travel light and not carry unnecessary things that may occupy much space and weigh down your bag.

If you are planning to purchase a backpack or suitcase meant for daily use, you should expect the bag to last long and accommodate most of your items. For long trips, you will require a briefcase that can be expanded to accommodate additional clothing and other equipment. Such a suitcase must have ample pockets to keep the contents organized.

In addition to this, you will need to think about the weight capacity of your bag. If you plan to travel abroad, you will want to carry only those necessary things. This will help you stay lighter, and you won’t have to deal with the extra baggage that accompanies international travel.


In the warranty section, look for extended warranties, which are offered by most of the vendors. While many of these warranties only last for two years, the extended warranties are available for as long as five or more years. They come in two different types. The first is a repair warranty, which covers repairs or replacement of faulty components if they happen within the given period. The second is a service warranty, which replaces worn-out parts with new ones at regular intervals during the warranty period.

If you go for a third-party warranty, check if there is any guarantee against a fraudulent claim. Also, ensure that the service provider can replace a faulty part or component without requiring a complete inspection of the product itself.

The warranty term depends on the vendor. Depending upon the product, it can go from one month to one year. Always read the fine print before purchasing a warranty and understand what your warranty covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most secure suitcase?

The most secure suitcase is the waterproof one, which has a good lock and many other features like anti-theft, anti-prying, anti-vandal, and anti-shoplifting.

Are Zipperless suitcases better?

No, zipperless suitcases are not better. They are simply cheaper. A typical bag costs around $50 to $60, whereas a zip-less one can cost around $15. The only difference between the two is that the zipperless suitcase doesn’t have a zipper.
However, a zipperless suitcase is still a suitcase, and you will get the same features. So you can expect to receive a carry bag, a handle, wheels, and a carrying case.

Who makes Zipperless Luggage?

Dahon makes zipperless Luggage. The Dahon S, L, and XL are available in three sizes. The S is small, the L is medium, and the XL is large. The S comes with a retractable handle for easier carrying, while the L and XL come with wheels. The S also features a water bottle holder, a lockable pocket, and a keychain loop. The L and XL also have a built-in telescopic handle for easy carrying.

Is it better to have a hard shell or soft Luggage?

We recommend having hardshell Luggage, as they are generally sturdier than soft ones. Finding the right size and color for your bags is also more accessible, and you won’t have to worry about damaging them with a zipper. Soft Luggage is also more susceptible to damage from being dropped or knocked around, so you should avoid it altogether.

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