How to Open a 3 Digit Combination Lock on Luggage?

It is a fact that most travel people have had the unfortunate experience of losing their luggage at some point during their journey. There can be a lot of frustration associated with this and can often cause your trip to be delayed. If you are lucky, your luggage may have been misplaced and will eventually turn up if you keep looking. What happens if it’s stolen? What should you do if it is damaged and the lock cannot be opened in these situations? It can come in handy in such situations if you know How to Open a 3 Digit Combination Lock on Luggage?

If you have ever lost your luggage during a trip or if your luggage becomes damaged and you cannot open the lock, this guide is for you. This article aims to teach you how to reset a three-digit combination lock by using some simple tips and tricks. Don’t worry if your luggage is ever locked and you are unable to open it; we will show you how to fix the problem in no time at all!

It is generally impossible to open a three-digit PIN number combination lock on luggage unless you know the code in order to open it. Despite this, several tricks have been tested and proven to work specifically for this type of lock.

Tips on How to Open a 3 Digit Combination Lock on Luggage?

How to Open a 3 Digit Combination Lock on Luggage?

To apply these tips to your particular situation, let’s look at what they are and how you can utilize them.

First, Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for The Job:

Before you start trying to open a combination lock on luggage, make sure you have the right tools for the job. You’ll need a small flathead screwdriver, a toothpick, or something similar to unlock the lock. If you don’t have these items handy, you won’t be able to get your luggage open, no matter what tricks you try!

If your luggage is damaged and you can’t get the lock to unlock, we suggest taking it to a locksmith. A locksmith will be able to open the lock for you without damaging your luggage in any way. However, this option can be expensive, so it’s wise to only resort if you can’t get the lock to open yourself.

Look at The Lock and Find out If It Has a “reset” Button or Not:

Not all combination locks have a reset button, but this is the first thing you should try if your lock does. A reset button is a small hole or button located somewhere on the lock. If you can find the reset button and push it in with a toothpick or similar item, the lock will work again. You’ll be able to enter a new code. If there is no reset button, proceed to reset your combination by doing this in order (1 2 3 4) until you hear a click sound when turning the dials. Turn all the dials back to their original position, but don’t turn them past that point yet! You should now be able to open your luggage with ease!

For Any Locks without A Reset Button, Follow These Steps Instead:

  1. By pulling on both sides of the top of your luggage, you should open it up as much as possible.
  2. Take a look at each side of the broken lock that you have. In the case of a lock with two dials, there should be two numbers on each side, depending on how many dials there are.
  3. The two numbers should be separated to form a new number from those two by simply using those two numbers. It is recommended that the unique number be a two-digit or three-digit number. For example, if the combination of numbers is 1234 and you separate the numbers so that they read 1 234 – you should be left with a two-digit number 1234.
  4. For the lock to be reset, you must turn the first dial (not the reset dial) back and forth, up and down until you hear a clicking sound, which indicates that the lock has been reset.
  5. The process should be repeated for each dial until all of them have been reset. The luggage should now be able to open if everything has been done correctly.

Find a Locksmith:

If none of these methods work, we suggest taking your luggage to a locksmith. A locksmith can open any luggage lock and do it easily and quickly. However, the locksmith may cost a lot, so we suggest only resorting to this option if you can’t get your luggage open.

Don’t forget that these tips won’t work on every 3-dial combination lock, but many of them will. So try these methods if you ever lose your luggage and need to open it as soon as possible!


Knowing how to open a 3-digit combination lock on luggage will come in handy more often than you might think. Learning to open these locks is quick and straightforward, so there’s no excuse not to know what to do when faced with this situation! Follow our lead by getting out your tools, looking at that lock, and finding out if it has a reset button or not. Then, follow the above steps for any locks without a reset button. You can thank us later!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open a luggage lock if you forgot the combination?

TSA luggage locks can be opened by using a paper clip. First, straighten the paper clip and insert it into the hole on the top of the lock. Push in and down on the paper clip until you feel it click. You should now rotate the combination dials and open the lock.

How do you open a combination lock with 3 numbers?

There are a few ways to open a combination lock with 3 numbers. One way is to find the middle number in the sequence and use that as your starting point. Another way is to use two of the first two numbers and then one of the last three. If you know any patterns within your lock’s code, you can also try those out.

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