How to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed – 7 Ways

Travelers! When you get ready for a road trip in your truck, you are concerned about how you will get there.

Travelers! Are you preparing for a road trip in your truck, but you are worried about how to keep your luggage dry in bed? It is not a problem anymore since we have this solution.

We agree.

The weather is always unpredictable during a trip, and no one can predict what will happen next. But this uncertainty cannot stop your dreams of a road trip. Riding in a big truck is not just a blessing, but luggage is also a significant concern.

In case you are wondering why it is so vital to keep the luggage dry, we can tell you that it may ruin your trip if the clothes inside the bag get wet. And not only clothes but other valuable items may also be destroyed.

There are multiple ways to keep luggage safe. The most effective way to keep bags dry in the truck bed is by wrapping a plastic sheet around it and securing it with ropes.

Not only the weather,

But moving the luggage to the back of the truck is also risky, as truck beds are pretty spacious.

7 Ways to Keep Luggage Dry in Truck Bed


Give a read below as the following are the expert’s suggestions to keep the luggage dry and secure from many aspects:

1. Bungee Cords with The Truck Bags to The Rescue:

You have luggage at the back of your truck and don’t know how to keep it dry in the bed? Then go to the market and buy the high-quality, nonbreathable plastic sheets and bungee cords. Wrap the bags around the plastic sheet and tie the corners with a rope. Voila! All set to start.

It will keep your luggage dry and protect the small, disassembled objects from flying away by wrapping them inside the truck bag.

2. Perks of Having Contractor Bags:

Some lightweight objects, sharp objects, and other not organized luggage can move securely under rainy conditions if you use contractor bags properly. The 3mm polythene bags are thick enough to keep your luggage dry, and you can enjoy a stress-free road trip.

Once you become an expert at securing your belongings in a truck bed, you can pack any luggage in contractor bags at the back of your truck bed.

Place the small mix-up stuff in a contractor bag and put that bag in another bag. It will keep your luggage dry. If you have those high-quality bags, you no longer have to think about how to keep the luggage dry in a truck bed.

3. Truck Bed Elevation:

Wrapping and securing the luggage isn’t enough. What if it rains and rainwater gets stuck in the truck’s bed, which will make your luggage wet? To resolve this issue, put some wood logs in a raised position at the back of the car and then put luggage on it. It helps drain the rainwater, and your luggage will be safe from water.

As we know,

Standing water in the truck bed can cause a foul smell too. It is better to put a flat surface on the back of the truck and then load your luggage for a trip.

4. Tonneau Covers as The Best Possible Solution:

Are you afraid your things get taken away when you are out for a break? With aluminum and UV protection, Tonneau Covers will provide a protective shield for your luggage.

The covers act as a roof to keep the luggage dry and safe. Tonneau Covers have lock technology that protects your luggage from theft and flying. Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your luggage dry in the truck bed because no single drop of rain can touch your luggage.

5. Cable Zip Tie and Duct Tape Wrapped Around the Trash Bags:

Suppose you don’t want to spend much money and look for an economical way to dry your luggage. Then take out the trash bags from your cupboard, put the belongings inside them and wrap the tape or seal it with a zip tie.

This option is not suitable for long trips. The trash bag might rip off because of wind gusts or extreme weather conditions. For short trips, however, it is considerable.

6. Plastic Sheet Wrap Idea:

Another way to keep the luggage dry, which is the least expensive, is to wrap a plastic sheet over it. The transparent sheet, which is sometimes already present in houses, can be used to dry luggage. Sometimes you buy brand new stuff, delivered in big plastic sheets.

Load your truck with the luggage and wrap the plastic sheet around it. You decide to secure the sheet with rope or heavy mats. This will prevent the sheet from flying away. And plastic will help prevent water from getting inside the luggage.

It is affordable and easy to follow. All you need is a proper strategy for putting the luggage together. Keep the luggage intact, as it will be safe while the truck takes a sharp turn. This is because you don’t know which type of road you might face while traveling.

7. Get Yourself a Truck Bed Topper:

Lastly, a truck bed topper is an option you should consider. A truck bed topper can come in two forms. One is the roof of a permanent cabin, and the other is a simple roof made with a robust sheet that protects the luggage.

This truck bed topper features a removable, custom-fit sheet that enhances space options and keeps the luggage dry, safe, and tidy. It works as an accessory to the truck. It can be removed when you sit outside and enjoy the weather.

On the other hand, making a truck bed topper in cabin form is permanent. If you want to know how to keep your luggage dry in a truck bed, this is the most secure way. A proper cabin will be built above the truck bed. Nothing will be safer than this option. Apart from luggage, people can sit in it as well.


It comes with a con that can eliminate the desire to sit at the back of the truck in the open air. This is when you hit the road for a trip. So, choose wisely.


The above options help you decide how to keep the luggage dry in a truck bed. These suggestions are designed to make your life and travel more accessible. You can keep your focus on the road and enjoy yourself rather than being stressed out about luggage.

Many people can travel at the same time. Building a cabin over the truck bed is the right solution if you want a long-term investment. It will transform your truck into a double cab.


Suppose you are looking for a temporary solution to dry your belongings and keep your truck bed open to enjoy the trip. This could be Tonneau Covers, Contractor bags, truck tarp, plastic sheets, etc. All of these options are sufficient.

In the end,

Our experts are only here to provide you with multiple ideas for keeping luggage dry in truck beds. We hope this article was helpful to you.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep the luggage dry in the back of the truck?

It would help if you kept your luggage dry in the back of the truck by ensuring it is adequately sealed and protected. You should store your baggage in an enclosed space where the temperature is between 30-60 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also ensure that it is protected from dust, moisture, and heavy rains.

Will the suitcase fly out of the truck bed?

Fast turns can be tricky with lightweight luggage. They can come out. But if they are tied correctly, nothing will fly out of the truck bed.

How do you secure totes in a truck bed?

Ropes, a web net, or keeping the cart between the fixed luggage can help secure the totes at the back of the truck.

How do you use a truck bed tarp?

Place the tarp on the truck bed and put your luggage in the center. Release the tarp from the sides, which will be wrapped around the bags. Bungee cord it over.

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